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Locksmith Scams

The locksmithing industry is not immune to con artists like most other sectors. Most people can assume that any Locksmith is safe to hire as they don’t require one on a daily basis, but this is regrettably untrue. A burglary ring that pretended to be a locksmith service and then went out to put stickers on the homes of persons who had contacted for their “services” to designate them for other members of the group as an easy target was one of the most recently reported Locksmith scams.

We go through some of the ways locksmith scams manifest themselves in this article, as well as what you can do to try to protect yourself and your house.


As previously discussed, robbers may use bogus locksmith stickers to designate your residence. These serve as a signal to the other thieves in the gang as to whom to attack.

What then should you do if you encounter a sticker like this? To start with, remove it immediately and dispose of it in a trash can inside your house. The non-emergency police line should also get a complaint from you so they are informed that this fraud is taking place in your neighborhood.

It’s crucial to remember that a genuine locksmith firm wouldn’t cold call your house or paste a sticker on your door; instead, if this was how they advertised, they would probably slip a booklet about their services through your mailbox.

My Business on Google

Although we would like to believe that all local companies listed on Google are reliable, this isn’t always the case. Since there are no formal rules in the locksmith sector, anyone may advertise as a locksmith, even if they have no idea what they’re doing!

Unintentionally, folks who are in urgent need of a Locksmith may call out untrained individuals who have posed as professionals and have a Google business listing. They may first give you a fair price quotation, but once they get started, they frequently cause more harm than good and leave you with a hefty cost well over what a skilled locksmith would charge.

View Locksmith Chicago’s Pricing Guide for suggestions on locksmith costs. Even though Google Maps is a fantastic resource for locating local companies, look for the following before calling:

A webpage may be connected

Although not all locksmiths will have one, it is frequently a reliable sign.

Exist any reviews for them?

Anyone can write a review for a company on Google, but if you have the time, read a few reviews to find out what other people have to say. Avoid company profiles with no reviews, is our suggestion.

What can you do to avoid a Locksmith Scam?

Steer clear of locksmiths without a company name

While some legitimate licensed locksmiths may advertise anonymously, it’s more probable that they are fraudsters than legitimate businesses. We advise searching for a firm name elsewhere on the website or in the advertisement; it need not be in the headline.

Request credentials

Almost all locksmith businesses will have a vehicle that is branded with their logo. It’s not necessarily a problem if the locksmith shows up in an unbranded car, but it’s advisable to ask for identification or certification. If they refuse, you know what to do!

Even if they have arrived in a van with a recognizable logo, it is important to request identification just to be safe.

Verify prices

Understanding fees is essential when hiring a locksmith. A seasoned locksmith should always be transparent about their rates and the manner they break down the price of a task. There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion before choosing who to arrange an appointment with if the pricing appears exorbitantly expensive or too good to be true.

In order to prevent locksmith scams, a reputable locksmith business will always be upfront about their pricing. While they might not be able to offer you an exact price for components, they should be upfront throughout the whole process.

In conclusion, con artists may be found in many sectors of the economy and will always look for new methods to defraud you. As always, taking some precautions might help you avoid any locksmith scams. Use the aforementioned top advice to ensure that you don’t become a victim of a locksmith scam!

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