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Hiding Places for Your Spare Key

Even while it may be simple to tuck that spare key under the rug or behind a plant pot, doing so seriously compromises your home’s security. Unfortunately, burglaries are among the most common crimes in the Chicago, occurring every 108 seconds, with 76.4 percent of thieves utilizing a door and 6 percent of those burglars possessing a key. Don’t be shocked if they have noticed you hide that spare key because criminals are always patrolling neighborhoods’ looking for deterrents.

The worst places to put your extra key

  • In areas where thieves might easily inspect them.
  • Beneath the welcoming mat. You would check here first, along with your burglar!
  • Next to the door, under the flower pot. A thief could assume the flower pots beside the front door contain spare keys.
  • A phony rock imitation. Unless a random pebble mixes in with others, it will appear quite suspicious.
  • Someone can find not just your address but also the keys to your residence in your wallet or pocketbook.
  • Within the postbox.

The average break-in results in damage expenses of roughly £3,000 and the loss of goods. Therefore, it would be wise to spend some money on a safe spot to store your backup key. The usage of spare keys can help you avoid wasting time, money, or worry. Here are the top 5 reasons you require a backup key.

Where should your spare house key be left?

Leave it in the care of a neighbor, acquaintance, or family member you trust.

It’s a great idea to leave a key with a reliable person. This might be helpful if you want someone to sometimes check on your house while you’re away on vacation or at work. This is a fantastic solution if you like to have access to your extra key anytime you need it rather than having to worry about hiding it.

The Key Safe

A key safe is among the greatest places to stow your extra key. These are only accessible by entering a code that the homeowner alone knows. These are a good investment because they are reasonably priced, costing between £10 and £40 on average. Although the majority of key safes are incredibly strong and weatherproof, they are nonetheless susceptible to theft if kept in plain sight. But the use of sturdy metal coverings enables high-quality key safes to survive assaults. Online retailers provide a variety of key safes.

What is the ideal location for a key safe?

  • Hinter a planter
  • Across the sidewall
  • Back of the building
  • The workshop

The advantage of hiding your key safe in these locations is that anybody who is recognized by the neighbors’ to not reside at the property appears suspicious. As a result, this provides neighbors’ an opportunity to let you or the authorities know about any questionable activities. Another advantage of not keeping your key in plain sight is that it won’t be an eyesore. Keeping this eyesore in a remote location is a fantastic idea because so many people in the Chicago today are concerned with the look of their homes!

Digital locks

If you prefer not to deal with the difficulty of concealing an extra home key, why not just have one? Think about adding smart locks to your smart home security upgrade. Smart locks provide a key-free access mechanism that unlocks the door with a remote fob or code. Despite having a higher price tag that may range from £50 to the higher-end systems at £200, smart locks can be a terrific investment!

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