Using a professional Locksmith to Install Home Security Systems

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As the pandemic is growing across the United States in full swing, instances of home invasions have become very common. There are reports showing individuals breaking down the front doors of different homes and entering to loot their property. And it’s not just breaking & entering, but reports related to people beating up the house owners in front of their young ones are also coming in which is pretty devastating. On average, around 3.7 million homes are affected in the year 2020 alone. 

Intruders break the front door and enter the premises taking away precious belongings. And when they are done taking away all your prized possessions, you’re left with nothing more than a failed sense of security. One thing’s for sure, we don’t want you to be a victim of a similar instance, and therefore, we want to take every possible step to ensure you don’t have to experience any home invasion incidents at all. To offer you maximum security, here are four sure-fire ways for deploying the best home invasion prevention. 

Walk the Premises & Check Everything Like a Burglar

When was the last time you took a round around your premises to ensure the best security measures are in place? Take some time off from your busy schedule and walk around your premises. Walk the perimeter of your house and ensure there are no loopholes in the security. Your home can have blind spots that you can easily miss out on, but when you take a complete walk around the premises, you will realize that there are several places that you can upgrade to offer the best security. 

Think like a burglar… Are there any easy access points? Are there low windows or doors that can easily be unlocked? Are there high shrubs where a burglar can easily conceal himself? 

Once identified, check how you can make sure to future-proof your place with the best home security systems so no burglar can enter. 

Use Lights to Send the Burglar Running Away from Your Premises

Most intruders take advantage of the dark areas around your home settings. 

Make sure you have proper lighting around your house to keep the burglars far away from your place. For instance, we asked Mary Janes living in the suburbs of New York, to ensure maximum safety of her residential area, and she explained how she always kept the front porch light on. 

Another great way to keep the burglars at bay is to install a lamp post and encourage neighbors to do the same. If the streets around your premises are dark, then you should install lamp posts outside. 

You can also install motion sensor outdoor lights to protect your home from burglars. 

Get the Best Security Cameras and Surveillance Technologies

The two of the most common exterior equipment to ensure your home & workplace’s maximum safety is to install security cameras and a high powered video surveillance system. Installing a good brand will help you monitor the exterior of your house. Simultaneously, cameras as part of your home security system will ensure that burglars would stay away from your premises because of strict surveillance. 

Just in case if a burglary attempt still takes place, your video surveillance will be enough to show who broke into your house and stole your stuff when you were away from the premises. 

Installing Motion Sensors & Door Sensors at your Premises

Last but not least, consider installing motion sensors at your home. Installing motion sensors at your home will ensure that you will be readily notified through a silent alarm when someone breaks in. 

As part of your home Install door sensors on the different entrance and exit points of your home. The moment an intruder comes in contact, the alarms will go off, notifying you of the incident of a break-in. Keep your dog unleashed when you’re concerned about break-ins. Train the dog to attack anyone unknown entering your premises. 

You can also connect the door sensors to a loud alarm system, so when someone enters your home, the alarm can trigger, informing you and the rest of the neighborhood that somebody broke in. 

Are you concerned about installing the best home security systems? Get your home the latest access control. Integrate them with an alarm system and keep all burglary incidents at bay. 



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