Is the Vehicle Security Provided by Manufacturer Satisfactory Enough?

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Gone are the days when we talked about safety features available in an automobile from the manufacturers’ end, including anti-lock brakes, airbags, 3 point seat belts, and traction controls. 

Now people desire more. They want their vehicles to be fully secure, burglar proof and risk-free. Hence, they only invest their hard-earned cash in vehicles that are loaded with the latest security features. 

According to a survey conducted by America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, improved safety features within a car minimizes the risk of getting into a headlong accident & experiencing fatalities. 

The right safety features in a vehicle can save countless lives. However, the main concern is whether the safety features offered by the manufacturer are good enough? 

Here are five essential safety features that every vehicle manufacturer has made mandatory. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Nowadays, the Adaptive Cruise Control feature is abundantly available on some of the newly built vehicle models. The system uses a mix of sensors & radars, which is normally present inside the vehicle’s grille, which allows the vehicle to maintain a safe distance from another vehicle driving in front of it. It automatically adjusts the acceleration & applies brakes when traffic starts to speed up or slow down. This feature is more commonly used by drivers when traveling on the highway, where traffic volume is considerably more significant within the cities. In case, if you’re about to collide with another vehicle, ACC automatically applies the full brake and tightens up your seatbelts. 

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) 

AEB is a common feature that every other driver checks before purchasing a new vehicle. AEB automatically starts applying brakes when it senses another vehicle’s presence in front of it. According to IIHS research, rear-end collisions considerably minimized to 75% less after the AEB became an integral part of modern vehicles. AEBs are so good that when you’re about to run into a collision course, your emergency response might not be as active as the AEB’s. It’s one reason why AEB is one of the most reliable features that every business considers before purchasing a vehicle. 

Blind Spot Detection

We all went to a driving school before applying for a vehicle’s license & registration. Remember how our driving instructor used to tell us to look over our shoulder and use mirrors to identify the blind spot before parking or reversing. With blind spot technology, you can save yourself the trouble as it automatically picks up what you may have missed & warned you when a vehicle is approaching from the rear. It powers up a small orange or yellow light in your doors to notify you when you’re about to park in a blind spot. So before you purchase a vehicle, make sure to double-check with the manufacturer whether they include the feature or not. 

Rear View Camera

When we talk about rearview cameras, they have two purposes. One is to get a clear view of what lies behind the vehicle when reversing it. Secondly, a rearview camera’s purpose is to observe whether there’s a child or a pet behind when reversing the car. Now you certainly don’t want to end up causing an accident when backing up your vehicle. The cameras are generally wide-angle cameras where the lens view spreads as much as up to 180 degrees providing you the best rear end exposure. Almost every modern vehicle has a rearview camera, and if they don’t, you should better install one. 

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High-Quality Lock Systems

Does your vehicle contain high-quality lock features? If they don’t then you have put your vehicle’s safety at permanent risk. Now, you don’t want to do that because if your vehicle’s locks aren’t of the best quality then anybody can easily break into your vehicle and steal it. Believe it or not, it’s the last thing you want when it comes to automobiles. Does your car have the best locks? If not, then it’s best you hire a professional automobile locksmith to provide your vehicle with significant security features and keep it in the best of shape. Getting high-quality locks is one of the ways how you can achieve it. 

At 24/7 Lightning Locksmith Chicago, we provide automobile locksmithing of the highest standard. Whether you want traditional locks installed or modern ones on your vehicle, we can provide you with the relevant service.



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