Four Reasons Why It’s About Time You Consider Changing Commercial Locks

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changing Commercial Locks

Gone are the days when people could rely on traditional locks installed at their commercial space. If you want to make sure that the security of your commercial workplace is tight, then it’s best you invest in getting some of the more modern lock solutions. There are many modern locks which are now available in the market. You can either visit the market to cherry pick the ones you think are best for your commercial space or you can always ask a commercial locksmith to help provide you with the right ones.

With the rising incidents of burglary attempts & more technologically adept burglars, one way or the other, upgrading locks at commercial spaces have now become more of a necessity than just a need. 

Still feeling skeptical about upgrading your commercial security? Here are four reasons why it’s time to consider changing your commercial locks. So without further ado, let’s check out the reasons. 

Old Occupants Might Have the Keys

What if you’ve recently shifted your business space and even though the locks at your workplace look rock-solid & unbreakable, there’s always a chance, the previous owner of the place can step in when you’re not around. In that case, it is best that you get a more robust & modern lock solution such as an access control system installed at your commercial space. If not that, then at least get a proper surveillance system installed or security alarm systems which can report the authorities in case of a break-in. 

Can’t afford the expensive modernized locks for your commercial space? Well, you can always choose to get locks rekeyed. It’s a much affordable option where the locksmith will only change the pins of your existing locks and provide you with a new set of keys to access the old installed traditional locks. 

New Break-In Methods Adopted by Burglars 

Just as much as technology provides several benefits so does it bring a great deal of consequences. It has given access to many intruders & burglars to heaps of information on how they can easily break into premises and steal away valuable possessions from small to medium scale businesses. Copycats are always on the lookout for a chance to get their hands on someone’s keys and make a copy of it. 

Do you know that all it takes is a soft material such as soap to imprint your keys and use it for later? 

Burglars around the world have now adopted newer strategies. Hence, modern problems require modern solutions. You can always opt-in for biometric systems or access controls at your premises.

An Old Employee Might Have Access

Have you recently removed an employee? What if the one you removed was a facility manager? What if he had the keys to your commercial space and can use that keys to break into your premises when you’re not around? There’s a possibility your old employee might have some grudges with you & might seek revenge. 

Don’t take the chance of leaving your locks the way they are but hire a commercial locksmith to provide you with either a new lock installation or complete lock rekeying. By doing so, you can significantly minimize the chance of an old employee taking advantage of your dwindling situation. 

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Your Organization Have Expensive Gadgets & Appliances

Every organization runs on certain gadgets & appliances which are highly expensive. And in order to protect such gadgets & appliances, businesses cannot rely on weak and worn-out lock systems. The only way they can ensure these gadgets & appliances remain safe is when they have the best locks installed. 

Nowadays, there are many modern lock solutions that offer the perfect security for your commercial premises. For instance, there are modern lock solutions like access control systems and biometric solutions which prevent intruders from entering in. Only individuals who have access can enter and exit making the entire premises highly secure from break-in incidents. While there are plenty of products in the market, only a good commercial locksmith can provide you with the best modern lock solutions to keep your commercial premises well secured.  

Are you searching for a good commercial locksmith who can install the best lock systems at your workplace? 24/7 Lightning Locksmith Chicago can provide you with a perfectly reliable commercial locksmith who can offer you the best locks to upgrade commercial workplace security.



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