Common Door Lock Problems Which Shall Never Be Ignored

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Door Lock Problems Chicago

Is your life hectic? Do you always find yourself engaged in balancing personal & professional life? Are you always ending up ignoring the small jobs such as fixing your car’s radiator or the leaky pipe underneath the kitchen sink? Or maybe your door locks which are becoming old & worn out? It’s time you take a break from your hectic schedule and pay attention to these little problems. Why? Because if you won’t then something terrible can befall any time sooner or later.

Procrastination is the worst enemy. When we push aside problems like malfunctioning door locks, we don’t realize that we are putting our residential safety at risk.

Neglecting door lock problems can eventually end up in home break-ins. After all, you don’t want any burglar to take advantage of your current home situation, do you?

Here are a few door lock problems which you must never ignore. 

Broken Key Problem

The worst of the worst; the broken key in the lock problem. It is a common occurrence and many of us have to face it now and then. What if you were in a hurry to reach your workplace and you suddenly found yourself in an accident of breaking the key bit inside the lock. Now you must be wondering what should you do to overcome this common door lock problem? Well ignoring it won’t solve the problem; that’s for sure. But you can always call up your local locksmith to help you resolve it. 

Broken key fragments can also be removed using pliers, screwdrivers & saw-blades. However, if you try removing them yourself, you can often end up with a damaged door, which is problematic.

Don’t want to trap yourself in a more significant problem than the one in which you’re already trapped? 

Call 24/7 Lightning Locksmith to help you with broken key retrievals anywhere in Chicago. 

Loose Locks & Broken Door Knobs

Just like any other gadget or appliance at home, door locks & door knobs can also succumb to wear & tear over time. When you continuously and rigorously use doors, the internal mechanism tends to become worn out and as a result, your door knobs & door locks can eventually loosen up. Believe it or not, but leaving a loose lock as it is can open doors to more problems such as a break-in take place. 

You certainly don’t want to experience such a vulnerability for your home now, do you? 

A locksmith can help you in such a situation profoundly. It’s because they carry all the necessary replacement parts on them to fix broken & loose screws. They can also install the latest lock brands. If you don’t want them to intervene, you can try to repair broken or loose door locks yourself but you will need some level of door locksmithing expertise. While loose screws are not that difficult to fix, replacing locks can take a toll on you. And that’s why we recommend that you call a local locksmith for assistance. 

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Misalignment of Locks 

Force opening & closing of the door can often lead to misalignments between the door lock & the locking mechanism. As a result, the lock starts failing to work at its optimal efficiency. When the latch is not lined up with the latch plate, it can typically end up with the lock failing to work correctly. Wear & tear or manhandling of the lock can often lead to such intricacies. 

One way to fix the problem is to file the latch plate but for that, you will require the expertise of taking apart a lock yourself. A locksmith is a professional who is trained to do just that. 

So call one if you think your door lock is misaligned and not working. 

There you go, these are some of the most common door lock problems which we believe shall never be ignored. Are you experiencing one? Call our local locksmith in Chicago now to help fix the problem for you. 



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