Can You Track a Car Key Fob? What to Do If Your Key Fob Went Missing

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track a Car Key Fob

Imagine going to a nearby coffee shop to grab yourself a cup of coffee and a hot sandwich. 

On your way back to the car, you realize that you don’t have the car key fob on you. Ain’t that feeling a very dreadful one indeed? Well, if you’re in such a fix, then it’s about time you get your car key fob tracked. 

But here’s the big question, is it actually possible to track your car key fob? In case it isn’t, then what’s the next best option. Here’s an article which will help you just in case you’ve lost your car key remote. 

How to Track Your Car Key Fob? 

Well, we all hate to break it, but there’s no particular way you can track your car key fob. Not as of yet. 

In the future, maybe some automobile industry might come up with a tracking chip for GPS to locate your lost car key fob, but as of now, there’s no particular way you can track your vehicle’s key fob. 

However, to keep track of the car key fob, you can always use a key finder by adding one to your car fob. Key finders are normally a keychain-sized fob which you can easily attach to your car key fob, just like you would add a keychain to your wallet or a spare key, a phone or just about anything which can be lost.  

Through Bluetooth activation, your key finder can easily help you locate where your car fob is. It can help you find the location of the key fob in three ways. These ways are listed down below. 

  • It can emit a sound that will inform you where the key fob is present. 
  • It can use a GPS feature to help you pinpoint its location. 

The next time you lose your car key fob, then all you have to do is flip out your smartphone. Most key finders come with their particular apps. Use the app to locate the key, and voila! You’re good to go. 

What to Do If You Misplace Your Car Key Fob? 

Well, if you don’t have a key finder and you still somehow misplaced your car key fob, here are some of the things you need to do right away to resolve your lost automobile car key fob query. 

Search for the Key Fob Everywhere 

First things first, try searching up the car key fob in the less obvious places. For example, if you’re at home, then a laundry basket or your cat’s bed can be some of the places where your car key fob can accidentally end up. In other cases, when you’re outside, then you can retrace your steps & search up the location. 

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Do You Have a Spare Key on You? 

If you’re unsuccessful in finding where the car key fob is located, then try searching for a spare key. Although, there’s a slight chance you might be carrying a spare key on you. But in case you’re carrying one on you, then at least you won’t be left stranded. Find a spare key and find yourself back on the road.  

Call an Automobile Locksmith

If you can’t find your car key fob and neither do you have a spare key on you, then the last option you have is to find yourself an automobile locksmith who can provide you with a car key fob replacement. 

Has the car key remote stopped working all of a sudden? Maybe it’s because you’re having problems with the buttons? Then it’s about time you call our automobile locksmith to provide you with a car key remote reprogramming or replacement service. Call our state-certified locksmiths to help you out now. 



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